How people in Hong Kong get the new iPhone X for only HK $8?

Published: 18 minutes ago

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if you live in Hong Kong and want the new iPhone X, then this would be the most exciting article you'll ever read.

That's the deal: Apple Inc gives the new iPhone X 256 GB for HK $8. Yes, you read right, HK $8.

As part of a special promotion, Apple is working with WPanda Its reliable distribution partner, to offer iPhone X with a promotion of 99% on the regular price.

Why do they offer this crazy promotion? Marketing Manager Joel Branson explains: "Last year, Apple's market share in Hong Kong fell by 35% and now loses against Google's Android around the world. Apple wants to recover users by offering iPhones for an extremely low price in order to convert them into loyal Apple customers, who will spread the message to their friends"

Too good to be true? That's what Hody Yim, 30 years old, thought as well. He decided to try the move and he received his iPhone X to HK $8 a few days later.

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Hody Yim explains: "At first I thought it was just another scam on the internet, but then I did some research and saw that WPanda is a legitimate marketing company. I decided to risk HK $8 . This is less than the price of a cup of coffee anyway. 3 days later, I check my mail and I am happy to see a new shiny box with an Apple logo on it...".

Apparently this promotional tactic "practically free" is a common practice among large companies with big marketing budgets. As an example, Burger King launched a similar campaign in 2013, offering 20,000 free Whoppers on Facebook.

How to claim your iPhone X for HK $8:

1. Simply visit the official official promotion page iPhone X HK $8 here

2. Enter your email address and pay HK $8

Click here to check for iPhones HK $8 are still available

So, you will be able to get an iPhone X at an incredibly low price. But is the new iPhone X really the best Smartphone on the market ?

Our review department compared the iPhone X to many other phones and that's what we concluded: compared to Previous versions of iPhone and Android models, iPhone X Ranks # 1 in call quality, duration Battery life, screen resolution, speed and message delivery.

In short, it is the best and most reliable phone currently on the market. Combined with the fact that you can get one for only HK $8, the choice is quickly made.

Update (): To check if WPanda is solid, our editorial team actually paid HK $8 for an iPhone X over the weekend and we just received it yesterday morning!

dan tran 660.jpg
To check if WPanda is solid, our editorial team actually paid HK $8 for an iPhone X over the weekend and we just received it yesterday morning!
    • María Jiménez

      Awesome website. Thanks a lot!

    • Andrea López

      Thank you guys ! A brand new toy from Apple. Comes handy with my iPhone

    • Vanesa Ruiz

      Thought this was a joke at first, but my iphone actually came with PostNord this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from inviting more friends to participate again lol

      • Carolina Hernández

        @VanesaRuiz Just got the call from the courier to pick up my prize. I am so happy I participated.

    • Eva García

      Me and my brother won the new iPhone X. After I qualified he won the next days. Thanks Apple !

  • Jose María Carrasco

    Thank you , thank you , thank you !!!!!!!! I love my iPhone X

  • Luís Rodríguez

    This is the most stupid "marketing" plan. I really thought Apple would be smarter than that. This is not going to help them regain their market share. They lose against Android and there is not much to do for this subject. This seems to be a really desperate attempt to capture some new users, and that devalues ​​their product significantly.

  • Arturo Díaz

    My girl sent me this link and I thought was a joke. But I completed my address and yesterday I got my iPhone.

  • Luisa Pérez

    A M A Z I N G!!

  • Nerea Gómez

    Oh yes, I've heard of WPanda before. They offered an Android tablet some time ago and I got one for HK $8 (what a shame to promote both Apple and Android lol)

  • Elisa Rivas

    omg i have got my iPhone yesterday, still cant believe this is real . Hope my friends will win it also

  • Rocío Sanz

    Two days ago I invited 10 friends and qualified for the iPhone X. Today I just received it. Thank you apple!

  • Carlos Sanchís
    wowww.... Wooooo
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    I want to

  • Rosa María Vega

    I got one

  • Francisco Campos

    Oh Awesome website.

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    i have got my iPhone yesterday,

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